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What is a Circular Economy?

A framework for an economy that is restorative and regenerative by design. 

Environmental Impact of Bottle Water

PET and ALU Bottled Water References

Circular Solutions Advisors performs on-site audits. One of the audit services is an environmental impact report for bottled water. The audit focuses on two types of bottled water packaging; Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and  Aluminum (ALU). Companies that manufacture ALU and PET packaging for bottled water have historically provided data that creates biases to their form of packaging. This creates a conflict regarding the information available about both PET and ALU packaging for bottled water.

Circular Solutions Advisors (CSA) can conduct an audit and provide a report based on credible neutral sources. The basis for our audit and reporting methodology is derived from the following sources.


CMI Report

EPA Greenhouse Gas Study

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Our Consulting Services

CSA has 35 years experience of connecting properties current waste suppliers with over 100 manufacturers of products.

Program Development

Build programs for properties that value Social Platforms.

Supply Chain Consulting

Provide supply chain and execute a Circular Economy.

RoadMap & Planning

Ensure the Circular Solution is profitable or cost neutral.

Recycling Education

CSA In The News

Indy Basketball Events Remain Carbon Neutral

All operations emissions from venues of tournaments were offset by renewable energy credits and carbon offsets.

Additionally, as part of Coca-Cola Consolidated’s Refresh Recycle Renew campaign, Republic, the Indiana Convention Center & Lucas Oil Stadium partnered together with Circular Solutions Advisors and Food Loops to get every bottle and can back from games and practices at these venues during the tournament.

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